Welcome to the World of Plastic Beach! AKA About,The Portfolio Page of Jonathan Thomas, A human?

Who am I ? Good Question..

Name's Jonathan Thomas and it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm just a guy who making his foray into the technology field by getting my hands dirty and becoming a web developer. HOORAY! But, ontop of that I have an interest in Art, Cybersecurity, Travel, Languages and Freedom of Learning.
I have been an avid Linux user for about a year now and will eventually progress to making my own version...someday. I started with Web Development technologies because
1) Although there is a steep learning curve, this knowledge is accessible and
B) This is one of the many skills that I will acquire to help me go into business for myself, awesome!

This site will hopefully be a validation of the skills that I know or willing to learn in order to provide to you the best experience needed for your business.Some of these skills ,which include but are not limited to

Brace Yourself it's gonna be a tad big...

Language Type Common Uses
Python Interpreted Messaging the International Space Station, Civilization Series of Games
C++ Complied Videogames, Animation
Java Object Oriented, General Purpose Desktop Applications
Ruby Object Oriented,Functional, Imperative App development, Email
PHP Scripting Dynamic Webpages, Email
MySQL RDBMS Database Management
Javascript Scripting Dynamic Webpages

Oh man I'm gonna have a lot of projects...goodbye social life(ps this table will get much larger in the future)

Some of my favourite knowlege caches

Interested in my services? Shoot me an email!